Thursday, May 25, 2017

DJ LESSONS - Learn To DJ From The Pros!

Curated by M Jvlian Simmons

Do you want to learn how to properly DJ, mix, and select music that makes a room dance, but you don't know any other DJs to learn from/practice with, especially face-to-face?

Well, we've got you covered!

Personally, I began learning to DJ in the early 1990s, and have played dozens of parties, club & dance nights, and raves, using everything from traditional turntables, to the very latest in DJ technology.

I have also taught a host of DJs in years past, and was a school teacher for close to a decade, which led me to create this virtual classroom, for my own son, who more recently wishes to learn, but lives hundreds of miles away from me (as a young grad school-aged adult).

Watch and learn from pros like DJs TLM (The Last Mohican), Johnathan Ellaskins, Brian S. Redd, Sound Of Arman, DJ Tutors, Digital DJ Tips, DJ Tech Tools, Dubspot, and many others, break down the essentials, more advanced techniques, and various insights to DJing, and thriving in that particular industry, as a self-sufficient club, or mobile DJ.

You can view (and scan) this video playlist, by clicking play, then the menu icon (triple lines), and if you have a gadget, you can even watch there, or cast it onto your smart TV, for shared viewing.

Practice, and enjoy!

Monday, May 18, 2015

DJ DOWNLOADS - Virtual DJ 8+Crack (FREE)

Curated by M Jvlian Simmons

Now you to can have Virtual DJ, and the ability to mix videos (click here for the relevant download)!

Watch this video below to find out how to install the program within the link!

Friday, April 24, 2015

DJING/PRODUCTION - Things A DJ Will Go Through For The Rest Of Their Lives

by ; curated by James Ahlschlager

Here is a List of "Things" DJ's will go through for the rest of our lives!!!

1. You can never go to a nightclub and just 'have fun'; oh, no.

Even if you can get over the secret jealousy of wanting to be DJing, you're hyper-critical of everything from the DJs, to the sound system, to the way the door is being run; the lot.

The more you DJ out, the more this one creeps up on you, until going out simply becomes research/checking out the competition.

You, in short, become a not very fun person to go out (clubbing) with.

2. You spot instantly when a CD loops in a bar, cafe, etc. 

You feel you are generally the only person who notices background music anyway, and so naturally, you're the only one who gets upset when you hear a CD play on loop.

It's especially annoying in nice restaurants, where you can't help yourself thinking, "Why did they pay so much attention to everything apart from the music?"

Saying this out loud, though, usually gets you a kick under the table from your other half for being so miserable.

3. You can spot instantly when a speaker is distorting, even at 50 yards!

Picture this: You're on a lovely beach with friends or partner, sun shining, cold drink, and in the distance, a little beach shack plays top 40 radio through a distorted old speaker.

Can you relax? No chance.

That little plastic speaker becomes the bane of your life until you are finally out of earshot.

Even the crap they're playing becomes secondary to the quality!

4. You can no longer count past four (crazy but true).

You find yourself counting any rhythm anywhere, or just an imaginary rhythm in your head, and naturally, you go "one, two, three, four" round and round.

At least you're not a microphone roadie with a rock band; they get stuck at "one-two! one-TWO!"

5. You can't hear a song that you know played in full, without hearing "your" transitions.

"Why isn't song X coming in?" you think, until you remember that this isn't actually your mix, but just one of "your" songs being played somewhere else.

Related: Not liking the speed a song is being played at, because you play it at a different speed.

6. You hear mistakes when everyone else thinks the DJ is awesome.

Smart DJs learn not to point out train wrecks and other DJing errors to their friends, who, we learn, are not afflicted like us, and generally happy to dance through even appalling errors.

Related: Spotting mixes that aren't in key.

7. You get annoyed when TV commercials brutally edit songs.

And what really annoys you is that they are not respecting the underlying song structure (see point 4; see, you can't help it!

You're subconsciously counting those beats and bars in fours).

8. When someone asks you "what's your favourite music?" you reply "for what purpose?"

Being unable to separate what you like from what you think any given dancefloor might like is bad, but it's hard to stop this developing from the necessary skill of simply separating the two things in your head.

9. Instantly spotting when your windscreen wipers, indicator lights or even a loud clock are in time with the music you're playing.

This one really does feel close to madness sometimes (for me anyway), spotting a beatmatch between car hardware and car stereo.

Related: Beatmatching your strides to the songs on your headphones when our running.

10. You can't help yourself frantically trying to remember snippets of song lyrics in order to Google them later; normally when Shazam fails to recognize a new song you know you've got to have.

11. You are utterly unable to keep yourself away from DJ booths.

Mainly this is to see the equipment the DJ is using, hopefully it isn't to make requests, although I am personally fond of just shaking the DJ's hand on the way out, if I've enjoyed his or her music.

After all, we (DJs) all know how much that means, don't we?

12. Having the sudden urge to go and adjust the sound when another DJ is playing.

Right, I've actually done this (in fact, it was the pitch).

TRUE STORY - Some dude was playing 80s megamixes at +8, and he slipped off to the toilet, so I marched up and set it all to the right speed ( only to slink away like a coward when I saw him returning). :)

13. You turn anything with a volume fader into DJ equipment, and so get irrationally annoyed at any
kind of audio gear that has electronic up/down volume controls instead of a knob you can use to cut the music in and out quickly with!

14. You are the only person who spots the odd song from the '90s at a so-called "'80s night".

I mean, we can all hopefully understand why no normal, sane person would care about this, but it's wrong, isn't it?


Seriously, I do hope you can still go out and have fun at least sometimes, and that you can see how we DJs can be just a little annoying to everyone else, at least every now and then!

I wanted to end with a true story from our friends over at Tuff Covers.

One of that gang went to a pre-natal appointment, and when the nurse scanned their tiny unborn baby, and its little heartbeat echoed through the examination room.

I quote, "I knew the BPM of the baby's heartbeat before the machine even worked it out"!

There really is no hope for some people. :)


Thursday, April 23, 2015

SWAGLINK - Our DJ Mix Samples, Free Downloads, and More!

Welcome to out samples page; click/play the video below to see our latest show roster!

Here is a free downloadable micromix from our STARSH!P DJs and music artists, to show you how we sound!

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STARSH!P: Party Solutions

Thursday, January 29, 2015

TWO BIRDS; ONE STONE! - Aphex Twin Releases Music Cache & Little Dragon Offers Free Downloads (Inside)!

Curated by A Deejay Called Phlip

NEW SOUNDS FROM GREAT ARTISTS - Yes, Aphex Twin (Richard D. James), arguably one of the most talented and innovative electronic soundsmiths of our time just released a listener's bonanza of music, tucked in plain sight under a random user number, 48736353001 (which is so like him).

And yes, we collected that elusive Aphex Twin cache for our own community's enjoyment!

BONUS - We also got a hold of that Little Dragon free remix LP just dropped from Adult Swim. Sultry, sexy, slinky grooves, ambient beats, and did we mention its a FREE download too?

Somebody out there likes us, STARSH!Ppers!
Click to Download Little Dragon remix album

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

DOMEN!AN DJs A Hot Neurofunk Drum N' Bass Mix For Winter (FREE Downloadable Gift)!

Pick up this insane mixset before somebody flips a table and gets the cops called on 'em!

Fresh for the first season of 2015, STARSH!P DJ regular, Domen!an comes out of the gate like a stick of dynamite with this hour-long Neurofunk Drum n' Bass mix, full of lush and intense beats for your listening pleasure.

Pump it up, and here we go!

1. The Prototypes - Moscow 
2. Freebird - Stop Making Noise (Original Mix)
3. Break - Dulcid Tones

4. Dom & Roland - Get Up (Mr. Frenkie Remix)
5. Dub Motion - Infected (Original Mix)
6. Trei - Masquerade (Original mix)
7. Mind Vortex - Overture (Original Mix)
8. The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot (Original Mix)
9. Mind Vortex - Underworld (Original Mix)
10. Wilkinson feat. Talay Riley - Dirty Love (TC Remix)
11. Original Sin - Running Man (Original Mix)
12. Rob Gasser feat. Richard Caddock - Meltdown (Original Mix)
13. The Writers Block - Don't Look Any Further (Logistics Remix)
14. 4AM feat. Katie Sky - Illusion (Mob Tactics Remix)

TEXT-TO-SPEECH - This New Voice Synth Will Make You Type "Hallelujah"!

Curated by M Jvlian Simmons

Click to download VoiceMX Studio
In mix media production, sometimes, you need an anonymous voice to announce or as we call it 'tag' your material.

In our cloudcasts, you'll hear them loud and clear peppered throughout, so that the listener will know both who is doing the mix, and by whom is it sponsored/brought.

Sometimes, the person doing the mix doesn't speak well enough to announce, or may not have a microphone to vocalize themselves at the time.

In other instances, one's budget and/or resource pool may not include a trained announcer to read for you every time you have a project to produce.

Everything is where you can easily see it.
This is why we decided to share our solution for vocal synthesis, VoiceMX Studio.

Very simple, elegant, user-friendly, and most importantly, open-source (free), this program met our audio tagging needs in a snap, and can do so for you too.

Just click their icon above to download it for FREE, and comment, like, and share if this resource has helped you!