Saturday, February 9, 2013

STARSH!P: LIVE [STELLAR MAP/Destination + Genre Itinerary]

Here is the STARSH!P: LIVE event series EVENT SCHEDULE and ITINERARY for the year!

Annual Themes

·                  Jan. [3rd week] - "Energy: Power Moves" (+ Preppers' 
                    'Off-The-Grid' Living Pavilion.)                                           

·                  Feb. [2nd week] - "Love & Beauty" (Valentine's)

·                  Mar. [4th week] - "Awakenings" (Easter/Spring Fling)

·                  May [early] - "Campsound Pod Race" (Open DJ Family Day
                    at Park/Spring and Summer) 

·                  Jun. [early] - "Xanadu" (Greek Gala/Summer)

·                  Aug. [late] - "Crystal Vision" (Video Revue/Summer's End)

·                  Sept. [3rd week] - "Double Lives" (Spy Theme/Fall Ball
                   Spy Tech + Preppers' 'Off-The-Grid' Living Pavilion)

·                  Oct. [4th week] - "Heroes & Monsters" (Masquerade/Halloween)

·                  Nov. [3rd week] - "THX: 20__" (Food Drive/Thanksgiving)

·                  Dec. [3rd week] - "Gifted" (Charity Drive/Xmas-time)

·                  Dec. [NYE] - "Tomorrow & Tomorrow" (+ 'Future Styles' 

AN EDM HYPERCRUISE/TOUR - Here are some of the VIRTUAL LOCALES we will be visiting during STARSH!P LIVE shows. Bring your towel, blankey or special person to hug onto; have a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster to relax because some parts of our show can



STARSH!P: LIVE Stellar Map [click to enlarge] 

CONTAINS: LIVE THREE HOUR TOUR, according to our music genre ITINERARY, featuring EDM DJs, ORIGINAL ACTS and also theme-appropriate PAVILIONS providing REAL information, merchandise and souvenirs! 

0 * EARTH - We start in THE MILKY WAY by leaving with all Goodness, a distressed Earth and head to the hypergate harbor at Mars RED1 . From there, we stargate onto any combination of the following destinations or "CENTERS" [yes, as in "chakras"]! 
[Music Genres: Trip Hop, Chill, Lounge and Jungle; duration - 15min.]
1 * MARS and 2 * the KUIPER region; battlezone - The first stop we'll make is to MARS for a flyby of Mars RED1 Hyperflight base [wharf/harbor], the main jump point to the other destinations beyond the perilous Kuiper belt. Here, you'll experience conscious Hip Hop, aggressive Drum n' Bass and fierce battle maneuvers, led by our trusted DJ pilots and boot camp wordsmiths.  

[Music Genres: Hip-Hop/Drum n' Bass/Dubstep/LIVE act: Duration - 42min.]

3 * HORSE HEAD NEBULA OF ORION; layover, cruise zone  - We'll be passing through THE ORION CONSTELLATION. Its three central stars are called the "Three Kings" or "Orion's Belt".

Just to the right is M42/43 [The Orion nebula], where the Trapezium lay, incubating new hot stars just born, that promise to be of great importance to us all in the near future! On our way to the Trapezium [Ori Theta], we'll stop by the HORSE HEAD NEBULA and M78 for a short LAYOVER while our M-4026 rests and refuels.

We'll visit FUNKY'S TRUMPET HOLE stellar lounge for a really good floorshow before our next connecting hyperflight!

[Music Genres: Hip-Hop/Trip Hop/Rock/LIVE act: Duration - 21min.]

4 * THE TRAPEZIUM via Orion Nebula; cruise zone - The STARSH!P makes regular charters to THE TRAPEZIUM, within the Orion Nebula. It is WHERE THE HOTTEST NEW STARS have JUST been formed behind a luminous veil of stardust! 

[Music Genres: Hip-Hop/House/Breaks/Jungle/Rock/LIVE act: Duration - 21min.]

5 * ANDROMEDA GALAXY [M-31/32; a-Constellation and b-Nebula], cruise zone - We'll visit the Nebula located between Cassiopeia and just off Andromeda's knee. The people there are REALLY beautiful and know how to have a ball, but you'll HAVE to KEEP an open mind! 

 [Music Genres: House/Breaks/Industrial/Electro/LIVE Glam and Beauty: Duration - 21min.]

6 * CASSIOPEIA [The Siren Cluster], cruise zone - Pass between both these celestial beauties to awesome music and a cosmic screenshow on our way back!

[Music Genres: House/Breaks/Industrial/Electro/LIVE Glam and Beauty: Duration - 21min.] 

7 * RENEWED EARTH [Triumphant Returns] - We had to do a little "reformatting" of sorts, which is why we pulled/caught you away in the first place, but we will be bringing you back to a beautiful blue pearl of a planet worth taking a SECOND look with NEW EYES!  

[Music Genres: Mixed/LIVE act/Finale: Duration - 21min.] 
0 * AFTERWARD, we celebrate another successful hypercruise with DJs, BANDS, cast and crew MEET and GREETS, GIVEAWAYS AND MORE! Different sites/acts per show, more locales to come! 

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