Thursday, January 29, 2015

TWO BIRDS; ONE STONE! - Aphex Twin Releases Music Cache & Little Dragon Offers Free Downloads (Inside)!

Curated by A Deejay Called Phlip

NEW SOUNDS FROM GREAT ARTISTS - Yes, Aphex Twin (Richard D. James), arguably one of the most talented and innovative electronic soundsmiths of our time just released a listener's bonanza of music, tucked in plain sight under a random user number, 48736353001 (which is so like him).

And yes, we collected that elusive Aphex Twin cache for our own community's enjoyment!

BONUS - We also got a hold of that Little Dragon free remix LP just dropped from Adult Swim. Sultry, sexy, slinky grooves, ambient beats, and did we mention its a FREE download too?

Somebody out there likes us, STARSH!Ppers!
Click to Download Little Dragon remix album

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

DOMEN!AN DJs A Hot Neurofunk Drum N' Bass Mix For Winter (FREE Downloadable Gift)!

Pick up this insane mixset before somebody flips a table and gets the cops called on 'em!

Fresh for the first season of 2015, STARSH!P DJ regular, Domen!an comes out of the gate like a stick of dynamite with this hour-long Neurofunk Drum n' Bass mix, full of lush and intense beats for your listening pleasure.

Pump it up, and here we go!

1. The Prototypes - Moscow 
2. Freebird - Stop Making Noise (Original Mix)
3. Break - Dulcid Tones

4. Dom & Roland - Get Up (Mr. Frenkie Remix)
5. Dub Motion - Infected (Original Mix)
6. Trei - Masquerade (Original mix)
7. Mind Vortex - Overture (Original Mix)
8. The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot (Original Mix)
9. Mind Vortex - Underworld (Original Mix)
10. Wilkinson feat. Talay Riley - Dirty Love (TC Remix)
11. Original Sin - Running Man (Original Mix)
12. Rob Gasser feat. Richard Caddock - Meltdown (Original Mix)
13. The Writers Block - Don't Look Any Further (Logistics Remix)
14. 4AM feat. Katie Sky - Illusion (Mob Tactics Remix)

TEXT-TO-SPEECH - This New Voice Synth Will Make You Type "Hallelujah"!

Curated by M Jvlian Simmons

Click to download VoiceMX Studio
In mix media production, sometimes, you need an anonymous voice to announce or as we call it 'tag' your material.

In our cloudcasts, you'll hear them loud and clear peppered throughout, so that the listener will know both who is doing the mix, and by whom is it sponsored/brought.

Sometimes, the person doing the mix doesn't speak well enough to announce, or may not have a microphone to vocalize themselves at the time.

In other instances, one's budget and/or resource pool may not include a trained announcer to read for you every time you have a project to produce.

Everything is where you can easily see it.
This is why we decided to share our solution for vocal synthesis, VoiceMX Studio.

Very simple, elegant, user-friendly, and most importantly, open-source (free), this program met our audio tagging needs in a snap, and can do so for you too.

Just click their icon above to download it for FREE, and comment, like, and share if this resource has helped you!