Sunday, March 2, 2014

STARSH!P: Rekk!d Bag Cloudcasts [Omn!pax and Just!n Love - Spring Cleaning; House, Spr. 2k14]


GET FRESH AND CLEAN - Its that time again.

Winter is but a memory, and not a moment too soon.

Time to defrag the house, and get game-tight for the upcoming Spring, and we've got the perfect soundtrack to your household clearance sessions.

Omn!pax starts off this triple-plated tag-team session with STARSH!P regular, Just!n Love.

Tracklist features classic tracks from Chit Chat, Kraftwerk and Inner City, and including new joints from Swedish House Mafia, Lorde and Ellie Goulding!

Pump up the volume and get to werk!

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

STARSH!P: Rekk!d Bag Cloudcasts [Omn!pax - Vol 1; Seraph M's Return; Spr. 2014]


THE EXPEDITION - Birmingham, Alabama DJ, OMN!PAX, once known only in the EDM DJ circles as "Seraph!M: DJ, and in only Hip Hop circles as OPX [Orion Pax] from 1997-2009, he has since reassigned his Jungle DJ name to his STARSH!P media cloud's community, and crafted a name fully his own, OMN!PAX.

LIQUID JAZZ/NEURO-FUNK DRUM N' BASS - First mix release since 2002, Omn!pax once again takes us on a fantastic journey through galaxies of styles!

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