Thursday, April 23, 2015

SWAGLINK - Our DJ Mix Samples, Free Downloads, and More!

Welcome to out samples page; click/play the video below to see our latest show roster!

Here is a free downloadable micromix from our STARSH!P DJs and music artists, to show you how we sound!

We even have original music to sell, and remixes to give away to all our action-taking followers; download away!

Visit our store for awesome merch and discount offers!
Click to visit our store for great merch (apply your daily Zazzle discounts)!
All this, and a max 3,500watts of powered sound, lights, and lasers!
Call to book your next dance party/event with us!

STARSH!P: Party Solutions

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  1. Nice tunes bruh,,,,,I like...nice mix......u da truth fam.....