Thursday, January 29, 2015

TWO BIRDS; ONE STONE! - Aphex Twin Releases Music Cache & Little Dragon Offers Free Downloads (Inside)!

Curated by A Deejay Called Phlip

NEW SOUNDS FROM GREAT ARTISTS - Yes, Aphex Twin (Richard D. James), arguably one of the most talented and innovative electronic soundsmiths of our time just released a listener's bonanza of music, tucked in plain sight under a random user number, 48736353001 (which is so like him).

And yes, we collected that elusive Aphex Twin cache for our own community's enjoyment!

BONUS - We also got a hold of that Little Dragon free remix LP just dropped from Adult Swim. Sultry, sexy, slinky grooves, ambient beats, and did we mention its a FREE download too?

Somebody out there likes us, STARSH!Ppers!
Click to Download Little Dragon remix album

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