Wednesday, January 7, 2015

DOMEN!AN DJs A Hot Neurofunk Drum N' Bass Mix For Winter (FREE Downloadable Gift)!

Pick up this insane mixset before somebody flips a table and gets the cops called on 'em!

Fresh for the first season of 2015, STARSH!P DJ regular, Domen!an comes out of the gate like a stick of dynamite with this hour-long Neurofunk Drum n' Bass mix, full of lush and intense beats for your listening pleasure.

Pump it up, and here we go!

1. The Prototypes - Moscow 
2. Freebird - Stop Making Noise (Original Mix)
3. Break - Dulcid Tones

4. Dom & Roland - Get Up (Mr. Frenkie Remix)
5. Dub Motion - Infected (Original Mix)
6. Trei - Masquerade (Original mix)
7. Mind Vortex - Overture (Original Mix)
8. The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot (Original Mix)
9. Mind Vortex - Underworld (Original Mix)
10. Wilkinson feat. Talay Riley - Dirty Love (TC Remix)
11. Original Sin - Running Man (Original Mix)
12. Rob Gasser feat. Richard Caddock - Meltdown (Original Mix)
13. The Writers Block - Don't Look Any Further (Logistics Remix)
14. 4AM feat. Katie Sky - Illusion (Mob Tactics Remix)

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